Hatchery & forcing programme

Hatchery: distinctive and exclusive

We are known for our distinctive tulip assortment that belongs to the top segment. We grow about 170 different cultivars per breeding season.

Most of the cultivars are exclusive high quality tulips. We grow cultivars with good and strong properties. Our range is very diverse, we have crispa, parrot, crown and double (peony) tulips. After forcing the tulips, we put them on the market through the auction, regular buyers and growers’ cooperative Decorum.

As sustainable as possible

In the greenhouses we produce our tulips as sustainable as possible. We work with a modern container system so that all spaces in the greenhouses are optimally used from the growing phase to the harvesting phase of the tulips.

To ensure that the processing process runs smoothly, we pick the tulips in the harvesting areas with about 20 people. We also have a pre-picking area so that there is always a constant ripeness of the flowers in the further processing process.

Additionally, we use Furora bunching machines from Bercomex. These machines process 14,000 stems per hour. The tulips are automatically bunched in two lines, both above and below, after which they are manually packed per 5 bunches. Multiple grades can also be processed with it.


Forcing programme

Our forcing season is long due to the cultivation of bulbs in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Chile. The forcing season runs annually from the end of September to the beginning of May.

The bulbs of the Southern Hemisphere are forced in our greenhouses from the end of September to December. At the end of December, we will switch to Dutch-grown tulip bulbs for the production of tulip flowers. The range here is very extensive and includes new exclusive varieties.

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Download the overview regarding availability and flowering time per cultivar. The availability is only an indication of the availability of the flowers. No rights can be derived from this.

The bulbs are in the greenhouse
The bulbs are in the greenhouse
From September to the beginning of May, the greenhouses are full of tulips
From September to the beginning of May, the greenhouses are full of tulips